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Sean Jacobs of the Africa is a Country blogs talks to Tsidi Matale aka DJ Stone about music and what it means to be an African living in Brooklyn.



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Justin Palmer of the Little Rus blog, takes us on a tour of all things Russian in Brighton Beach.

SHEEPSHEAD BITES | Brooklyn Recreational Fishing

Ned Berke of Sheephead Bites talks to Captain Sapanara about the challenges facing the recreational fishing industry in Sheepshead Bay.

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Atlantic Yards Camera Club

Adrian Kinloch of Brit in Brooklyn and Tracy Collins of Not Another F*cking Blog share their thoughts on photoblogging and talk about the Web Cam that is documenting the demolition at the Atlantic Yards site.

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Keith Wagstaff of Williamsburg is Dead talks to artist William Powhida and Don Carroll of Jack the Pelican Presents about the state of the art scene in Williamsburg today.

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Williamsburg has long ago hit the “tipping point.” If and when the Broadway musical based on the ‘Burg comes out, rather than a dramatic ending, in tragedy and death, like Rent, the ‘Burg will, more likely, fade and crumble without a whimper, burdened under its own ennui and the pressures of the real estate boom.

To read the full article in the Brooklyn Rail go here.


Brenda Becker of Prospect: A Year in the Park and Charles Star of Hawthorne Street, debate the pros and cons of a new 20-story building slated to be built on Lincoln Road, adjacent to Prospect Park.
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What disturbed me about the nascent debate over this flagship of skyscrapery in PLG was the opinion expressed by some that Brooklyn would have “arrived” once Prospect Park was virtually ringed with towers, in the manner of (its vastly inferior rough draft) Central Park. The vision of Vaux and Olmsted was explicitly that harried urbanites could refresh their souls in a place from which the city was mysteriously cloaked and hidden.

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KINETIC CARNIVAL | Threatened Community Gardens

Ben Nadler of Kinetic Carnival talks to some of the folks at Surfside Gardens in Coney Island about the future of their community garden as development plans threaten to convert their beautiful garden to low-cost housing.

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During Rudy Giuliani’s mayoralty in the 1990s, garden closures were at their highest rates, culminating in 1998 when the Giuliani administration tried to auction off all of the community gardens on city-owned property.

But a judge stopped Giuliani’s plan from moving forward. In 2002, a compromise was reached between the attorney general’s office and the city that handed jurisdiction over many gardens to the parks department, protecting them from development. Many others have been bought by private organizations like the Trust for Public Land, but a few dozen or so remain under the control of HPD.

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