SHEEPSHEAD BITES | Brooklyn Recreational Fishing

Ned Berke of Sheephead Bites talks to Captain Sapanara about the challenges facing the recreational fishing industry in Sheepshead Bay.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


3 Responses

  1. I loved this – when I first heard about fishing here I was sceptical, but this was eye opening!

  2. Ciekawy blog, dodalem go do ulubionych, bede tu napewno wpadal czesciej

  3. Its a sad thing that after so many years of history that has been surrounded by sheepshead bay, people will just let it diminish. I can remember the first time my father took me fishin on a recreational boat in sheepshead bay almost 15 years ago and I still till this day enjoy going out on the water with all those guys and spend the whole day fishin out in the sea. It was and always will be a great experience and we should try to preserve that for the future generations to come. Thank you guys for letting it be known the reality and truth of the Sheepshead bay fishing area.

    John B.

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