Brenda Becker of Prospect: A Year in the Park and Charles Star of Hawthorne Street, debate the pros and cons of a new 20-story building slated to be built on Lincoln Road, adjacent to Prospect Park.
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What disturbed me about the nascent debate over this flagship of skyscrapery in PLG was the opinion expressed by some that Brooklyn would have “arrived” once Prospect Park was virtually ringed with towers, in the manner of (its vastly inferior rough draft) Central Park. The vision of Vaux and Olmsted was explicitly that harried urbanites could refresh their souls in a place from which the city was mysteriously cloaked and hidden.

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RECLAIMED HOME | LEED building in Williamsburg

Phyllis Bobb of Reclaimed Home talks to Mark Helder, the architect of the first Platinum LEED building to go up in Brooklyn.

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It’s easier building green in the Netherlands, first, because it is a national consensus and people are aware of the long term maintenance effects when building a building which lasts for at least 50 years. Second, building standards and codes are kept up-to-date to the current (energy) developments. The minimum energy efficiency requirements are set to a relative high level in relation to the regularly available building technology and is updated every few years or so. In the US the minimum energy standards are relatively low and building a better performing building is basically voluntary. The gap between the minimum requirements and the regularly available building technology is large.

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