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Justin Palmer of the Little Rus blog, takes us on a tour of all things Russian in Brighton Beach.


SHEEPSHEAD BITES | Brooklyn Recreational Fishing

Ned Berke of Sheephead Bites talks to Captain Sapanara about the challenges facing the recreational fishing industry in Sheepshead Bay.

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Keith Wagstaff of Williamsburg is Dead talks to artist William Powhida and Don Carroll of Jack the Pelican Presents about the state of the art scene in Williamsburg today.

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Williamsburg has long ago hit the “tipping point.” If and when the Broadway musical based on the ‘Burg comes out, rather than a dramatic ending, in tragedy and death, like Rent, the ‘Burg will, more likely, fade and crumble without a whimper, burdened under its own ennui and the pressures of the real estate boom.

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