Keith Wagstaff of Williamsburg is Dead talks to artist William Powhida and Don Carroll of Jack the Pelican Presents about the state of the art scene in Williamsburg today.

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Williamsburg has long ago hit the “tipping point.” If and when the Broadway musical based on the ‘Burg comes out, rather than a dramatic ending, in tragedy and death, like Rent, the ‘Burg will, more likely, fade and crumble without a whimper, burdened under its own ennui and the pressures of the real estate boom.

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RECLAIMED HOME | LEED building in Williamsburg

Phyllis Bobb of Reclaimed Home talks to Mark Helder, the architect of the first Platinum LEED building to go up in Brooklyn.

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It’s easier building green in the Netherlands, first, because it is a national consensus and people are aware of the long term maintenance effects when building a building which lasts for at least 50 years. Second, building standards and codes are kept up-to-date to the current (energy) developments. The minimum energy efficiency requirements are set to a relative high level in relation to the regularly available building technology and is updated every few years or so. In the US the minimum energy standards are relatively low and building a better performing building is basically voluntary. The gap between the minimum requirements and the regularly available building technology is large.

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See where the LEED building is on Google Maps.

BROOKLYN OPTIMIST | The Brooklyn Greenway Initiative

Brooklyn Optimist Morgan Pehme interviews Milton Puryear of the Brooklyn Greenway Intiative.

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With the Greenway borough residents would finally be able to access a waterfront we lost long ago to commercial and industrial interests. In place of powerplants and other eyesores, pedestrians, bicyclists and families would have an ambitious multi-use green space to enjoy much like the series of wonderful parks which now span the West Side of Manhattan.