KINETIC CARNIVAL | Threatened Community Gardens

Ben Nadler of Kinetic Carnival talks to some of the folks at Surfside Gardens in Coney Island about the future of their community garden as development plans threaten to convert their beautiful garden to low-cost housing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

During Rudy Giuliani’s mayoralty in the 1990s, garden closures were at their highest rates, culminating in 1998 when the Giuliani administration tried to auction off all of the community gardens on city-owned property.

But a judge stopped Giuliani’s plan from moving forward. In 2002, a compromise was reached between the attorney general’s office and the city that handed jurisdiction over many gardens to the parks department, protecting them from development. Many others have been bought by private organizations like the Trust for Public Land, but a few dozen or so remain under the control of HPD.

Read the full article here.

Find the surfside garden on Google Maps


8 Responses

  1. Is this one of your videocasts?

  2. Hi Xris. All the videos on this blog are part of the series “A Walk Around the Blog”, produced by Brooklyn Independent Television.

  3. Sorry about my confused comment. I couldn’t see the embedded video when I visited the page from work.

    I just posted a link on my blog. Great work!

  4. Oh, I see.

    Yours was the first comment on this blog, so it was exciting even if I didn’t quite get it. 🙂

  5. i think it is extremely important that we save what is left of our community. though there are many upcoming changes in the works that we have very little control over… i believe that a rose can truly bloom out of concrete,

    for there is product here!

    Within Coney Island in each child’s face, in every tearful weep of a mourner, in every student, teacher and all those people who some how end up forgotten. we can not allow our lives to be toyed with, as if we have no movement… we are real, we are people, and we must ! we will strive for change for the better of our people! for the better of our communtiy!

    Because this unlike many things has no shade, no color or race! this is about Coming together! for once we truly need action, but this action is within our selves 1st, then within our community

    and held together by our future children! Let us teach our future that our main similarity is our humanity.

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